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How can I CONNECT with crewers in need?

Technicians register with CrewingSource CONNECT and list all of their Contact Info, Skillsets or qualified positions, Training, Home Airport, References and Rental Gear (if applicable). Then when a crewer is in need of a person for an event in your area or to travel on a busy day they post the event on CONNECT and the site will automatically notify you of the open position. You simply note your availability for that date and CONNECT with the crewer.

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How can a crew manager locate a qualified tech by using CONNECT?

Crewers in need simply post the event and choose the states to search within for qualified technicians. Every technician that notes their interest for your event will have a link to their bio, references and if you are looking for rental gear - description of their available rental gear. You can CONNECT with them directly or follow up with a reference or two to get a better insight of their experience. After each event you will be asked for feedback and to post a reference for any techs you worked with.

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I am already a registered user of, can I also be a part of CONNECT?

Yes! You are all set to join the CONNECT database and will see a Connect Dashboard link on your menu bar once you have logged in. Simply follow the instructions to sign up. How can I sign up for CONNECT?

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